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June 13, 2011


The Most Common Intestinal Pain Causes

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Intestinal Pain

Intestinal pain is a small part of a larger picture in abdominal pain.

It is characterized by painful sensations that are brought about by an injury or malfunction on the small or large intestines. While abdominal pain in general covers a whole spectrum of organs in the entire abdominal area involved and deemed very difficult to pinpoint which one is causing the discomfort, intestinal pain on the other hand, is easier to identify because the search is more localized and focused only on the intestines.

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The most common cause of abdominal discomfort is inflammation. It might be an inflammation on one of the organs in the abdominal area or parts of the intestines. Overstretching and distension of an organ is another possibility as well as shortage of blood supply in some organs.

The most common causes of intestinal pain include:

Constipation – this medical condition is very common and is often taken for granted by people. This is characterized by increased amount of re-absorption of water in the large intestine usually resulting to hard and dry stool, which is very painful when excreted. Normally the last stage of the digestion process happens in the large intestine, particularly the colon. As excess water is reabsorbed by the body back to the system. In constipated individuals, almost all of the water is reabsorbed back leaving faecal matters very dry.

Diarrhea – this is the exact opposite of constipation wherein re-absorption of water doesn’t take place, leaving the stool wet and still in fluid state as it is passed for excretion. This condition is dangerous as continuous bowel movement could lessen the amount of fluid left in the body thereby leading to dehydration.

Parasitism – Parasites could enter our digestive system via the fecal-oral route. Most of these parasites, both in ova or adult form, are passed along with the stool through the fecal route and delivered outside the body. Unhealthy practices during eating and lack of proper hygiene such as hand washing before meals could pass these parasites back into the mouth and re-infect a person again. These parasites create havoc in the intestines, as they tend to make it their home and lay eggs inside. More so, they absorb the nutrients intended for the body from the food you eat.

Some other causes include appendicitis, where there is an inflammation of the appendix, lactose intolerance, indigestion, ulcers, and intestinal flu and at worst colon cancer.

There are a lot of medical conditions that causes intestinal pain, a visit to the doctor as soon as you feel the symptoms and it persists for a long time, would be the best way to handle the situation. Self-medication is not advisable when it come to intestinal pain because you will never know what the causes are unless you are thoroughly checked at the hospital.

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    My stomach pain is stomach gurgling noises, right side pain, lower back pain, belching, gas, flatulence–but feels better lying down sometimes, but have been under a lot if emotional stress—

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